This single farm lot comes from a farm called MB Coffee PLC. They have 72 hectares of coffee plantations in the Oromia Region, Guji Zone Adola Reede, Massina district. MB PLC aims to improve cup quality and crop sustainability with practices that include seed selection, planting specifics and harvest and post-harvest management. They also work with approximately 300 farmers in the area, offering farm support and education-based programs. Guji coffee is shade grown in soil rich in nutrients; leaves from the shade trees fall and become natural compost, and coffee pulp is returned to the farmers and turned into compost.

The ripest of cherries are placed in plastic barrels which are used to create an airtight seal, then the coffee is degassed during fermentation which can last 4-5 days depending on the weather. The coffee is then sent to African beds for drying, which is also weather dependant but usually takes 20-30 days.

Round and juicy texture with notes of freshly picked strawberries and blueberries, finished with a lingering hint of dark chocolate.

Origin Ethiopia
Region Guji, Anferara
Wete Ambela
Varietals Heirloom Varieties
Processing Anaerobic

Roasted for Filter